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Melissa Anne
25 November 2010 @ 11:27 pm

Today was fun hanging out with a bunch different people at different places lol.
It's less than an hour left for this year's Thanksgiving.
"What are you thankful for?"

A lot really.
Even though there are a lot of things I could have changed or things I could have done better, Im still grateful for where I am now. I just don't really admit it much

I have God who I feel like Ive gotten a lot closer to this year.
I have my parents
. Although we all fight a lot, I know they will always have my back. We're connected by blood. No one could replace them.
I have Mokong ♥
My best friend. My baby. He's always happy to see me no matter what and I think everyone needs that from someone or something hehe.
I have my friends
. I don't have a lot. I could easily give you a list of my good friends. I don't really have a best friend that I see/talk/hang out with every single day. But all that's ok. I have sincere, honest, loyal ppl that I know have my back when I need it. People who I can just have fun with and thats all that really matters.
I have 秋, J.R., and M.D.
They give me strength and inspiration. I dont have a boyfriend or a "significant other" who makes me feel special with romantic things. But I have those 3 who remind me to try and be the best person that I can be. Sure I may not be able to have them physically with me everyday but I dont need that to have them really have an impact on me. To have them stay special to me. Thank you J.R. for visiting again this morning...
Then of course theres the typical stuff- roof over my head, food on the table, good (enough lol) health, education, etc.

I don't have an exciting life with a lot going on. Aside from any drama, my life is pretty plain and uneventful really. Its the same thing day after day. What's funny is that for a long time, I used to hate that... and still kinda do. But tonight, it's something I'm grateful for....
So.... "What are you thankful for?"


~Beloved Star

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Melissa Anne
03 November 2010 @ 08:46 pm
A short but sweet post for my one and only Ryo-chan! hearts hehe!
お誕生日おめでと 錦戸 亮 present
And may you have many, many more wonderful birthdays to come
heartyeyes I absolutely adore him in the new Fighting Man pv btw. Ok I love all of them in the video really, haha. The video makes them all look cool and dorky at the same time. But its Ryo who rly makes me melt out of all of them :D I swear I can't not smile when I watch that video lol. NewS has really been coming up with awesome stuff lately. It makes me really happy and proud!arrowup Keep it up minna~! punch2
Two gifs for Ryo's birthday because I'm bias like that haha! I would post one from Fighting Man because I love it so much but I don't have time to look thro my collection.. gomen!
Ryo doesn't feel the other members of NewS love him enough so he runs away but they stop him and surprise him with a birthday cake hehehe! Ahh~ member Ai~ heart1 He looks so cute blowing out his candles!

Urgh I hate how this entry is completely rushed. I was thinking about what to write about but now that Im finally making this post when my time is so short, I cant think of anything to put. I blame Tumblr.. LOL yes I finally caved in and made one.. BelovedxStar <-- Click to visit it and follow me! Of course I picked Ryo's birthday to make one and had to make my first post about him haha. But dont worry, I won't be leaving Livejournal!I'm trying to make sure of that. Tumblr is more of a place where I post(mostly reblogs) random junk- mostly pictures. Livejournal will always be my blog lovely
I posted this on Tumblr but I want it here too hehe. This is what I come home to every Monday and Wednesdays hehehehe I love it! ♥ Mokong did the cutest thing after. He was laying on his back a little after I took this pic. I laid next to him on the opposite side of dad. Then Mokong turned to me and held out his paw trying to touch my face. :DD Haha, Dad and I were laughing at him asking him if he rly wanted to touch my face. He just stared at me and then tried doing it again. Lmao it was sooooo cute~! Oh man I love that dog! catface

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
11 October 2010 @ 05:59 pm
I was looking up some new shojo manga series when I suddenly remembered the series Love Attack aka Junai Tokko Taicho and how it hasnt updated in AGES. I reaaaaaaaaaaaally love that series. I rly like Seino Shizuru's art. Girl Got Game (Power!!) is one of my top favorite manga series. Love Attack was rly turning into one of my favs too! But then I read something that COMPLETELY crushed my heart... heartbreak

"The series was licensed for English language release in North America by Tokyopop but the publisher didn't release volume 7, officially canceling the contract with Tokyopop. "

...............WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;O;

Of course I refused to believe it and did more research. Sadly it was true. Tokyopop ended their license contract with Kodansha, Love Attack's publisher last year...(explains the absence of volume 7 for so long...).anger I was disappointed in Tokyopop before, but now Im just completely heartbroken. Stupid Tokyopop! :<I used to really like you guys and wished for your comeback but now I really could care less. Unless you guys get smart and negotiate something with Kodansha again and finish Love Attack!!! lol

To make me feel worse, it turns out other than the 7 volumes out of the 13 I will never get to read because of their stupid cancellation, turns out there's a continuation that Shizuru is currently working on that i'll never be able to read either- Junai Tokko Taicho! Maji

I'll never know what finds out what happens between Hirata and Chiemi or Ohno and Yukari or any of the other charactersdownarrowdownarrow

Shojo Beat ur my only hope now lol. Hopefully they see the potential and greatness of the series and pick it up! haha *sigh* dash

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
30 September 2010 @ 09:28 pm
I saw this & literally burst out laughing 
Lmao surely Tegoshi HAD to have seen that coming with all his freaking cross-dressing ^_^;; They are just asking for fanfics by over imaginative fangirls lol. Though I must admit, Im happy to see that NewS hasnt forgotten to still add their random costumes to their concerts hehe. Yamapi dresses as some kind of Tuxedo Mask flower. I wonder if there are any other costumes from the concert. 
Seriously these pics just make me super anxious for a Live Dome Party dvd WHICH THERE BETTER BE!!

I got the preview on this papa pic frompornvilai. You can find more there. wink

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
18 September 2010 @ 08:30 pm
If U’re in a relationship, married or none, read this. U’ll know why at the end.

I recommend you guys to read this… I read it three times… Yes it is long but believe me, its worth it. I promise- Bubz xx



She asked me to recall how I had carried her into out bridal room on our wedding day. She requested that every day for the month’s duration I carry her out of our bedroom to the front door ever morning. I thought she was going crazy. Just to make our last days together bearable I accepted her odd request...Collapse )

Taken from Bubz Tumblr


Ive had this as a private draft for the longest time ^_^;; Forgot that I was planning on posting it
I remember I kept seeing this when I was checking out ppls tumblrs and one day I finally decided to read it when I saw it again on Bubz's tumblr. Everyone else should read this too. I know I definitely wish my parents would read this.. Even though they are FINALLY speaking to each other, things are still pretty rough between them. Its making me nuts...

~Beloved Star~
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Melissa Anne
06 September 2010 @ 02:15 pm
You Scored as The Moon

Divinatory Meaning: Completion, Fulfillment. The end of a major cycle. The world of dreams. Reverse Meaning: Holding back reality by living in a dream world. You have a keen sense of people and are able to identify power where others are oblivious. You are drawn toward celestial bodies and draw strength from them. Others find you intriguing, not being able to put their finger on what it is about you that they cannot resist.
Percentage of other possibilities...Collapse )

I freaking love my results hearts I just had to post it haha even tho there are other things I wanna post first (or actually should post first lol). It's just so dead on. I can just say so much about each sentence that the result said.. It's almost kinda freaky. It reminded me tho how interested I am in tarot cards. Haha hope Charles doesn't mind I took it from him wen he was giving it to Mark thro facebook (blame recent newsfeed!drip)

In other news, I finally got my livejournal and facebook linked. Urgh, finally they fixed that stupid bug. catface It was annoying me hehe.

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
26 August 2010 @ 08:19 pm
I can't help but love them sometimes HAHAHAHAHAHA

Im still pretty surprised that so many people are talking about Miss Universe. Im thinking because Philippines almost won but killed it at the questionair? lol.
Funny how we were even in Las Vegas the EXACT same time Miss Universe was going on at Mandalay Bay earlier this week and didn't even realize even though Jelly and I were watching a little of it on TV in the hotel room until we got distracted by Family Guy LOL ^_^;;

Speaking of Vegas, I couldn't keep myself from buying something from that nail booth that made Jel and I go crazy haha. Even my mom really liked it. It was hella pricey.. but it was jus so pretty and convenient! The pretty designs just stamp on and they dry fast!

The first picture (ignore the stupid ugly broken nail rwar) is the sample they did that was more than enough to convince me that I wanted it lol. They added a lil jewel to it too but mine came off when I went of the rides. Mom's is still perfect though. The second one is the actual kit I bought. The smallest one...25 freakin dollars that was original 30 haha. face26 I really wanted the bigger kits that looked all nice with a case and stuff but $100 was seriously just too much for me..

This summer Ive been really into doing my nails kidding
Ive always been into getting my nails done but just never had the time to or I always had someone nagging about me decorating my nails. This summer I was finally able to indulge myself in my secret pleasure of doing my nails hearts

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
20 August 2010 @ 10:27 pm
Yes that song has been stuck in my head haha. Ever since I heard a couple of covers of it, I couldn't stop listening to it melody2 I really miss listening to Usher. He was one of the few English artists I reaaally liked ^_^;;

Anyways, I'm trying to get used to short entries. I feel like I always gotta post stuff in long ass entries or when some kind of event happens. face26 I need to make this livejournal more casual! Iono y I make it so formal. Lol also I think Ima try and give the whole jweb format. Its not like anyone rly reads my entries. So I shud jus relax in my entries.

Today I hung out with the only ppl who are bigger losers than I am- my parents haha hearts
Highlights of my day...Collapse )
Yah today was a good day.. Its days like these with my parents that keeps me feeling like Im becoming some kinda hikikomori.. drip

I freakin love this belt Ive been wanting one like it for AGES. Its all one big belt. My mom and I saw it last weekend in Palm Springs. She actually was willing to buy it for me even tho it was $16, but i thot it was too much and in the end I told her it was ok. She's trained me well bcuz yesterday she saw the EXACT same belt at JCPenny for ONLY 5 something!!Can u say LUCKY?!

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
18 August 2010 @ 02:52 pm
I havent made in entry in wat feels like ages and I have a ton of updates.
But as time kept passing by and the number of things i was gonna write about grew, I thot screw it. Im too  lazy to update on here about it LOL ^_^;;
I have my actual journal for stuff like that
But THIS I just HAD to post lovely

heartyeyes Kanjani8's LIFE pv hearts
It seriously has made me fall in love with them allllllllll over againarrowup
The first time I watched it, I honestly cudnt take my eyes off the screen. I was jus completely amazed heart1
Seriously I love EVERYTHING about it- the song, the pv, the instruments melody2
Ryo on guitar + Okura on drums = *drooooooooooooooooooooooool* hahaha wink

And a REALLY LATE belated birthday to Massu and Shige (>_< sorry Im so late on it!)
I totally missed out on the NewS's birthday celebrants for July since i was pretty much on hiatus during the month. Haha, too much going on.

I decided to just post a gif that had both Massu and Shige in it instead of individual ones but I cudnt find one with just the two of them so I picked this one
:DD At least it shows some kind of love between the two of them haha. I love how Massu clings wen he's scared hehehehe
As usual thanksnewstalgia for the hilarious gif thumbsup

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
21 June 2010 @ 12:28 pm
One word: AWESOMEhearts
This isnt rly a fan report, just me typing up random things popping into my head about the concert
So I went to Jin Akanishi's concert on Saturday at 5:00 pm with Chrisantel
I've never seen so many girls at a concert before hahaha it was crazy
Haha its kinda sucks tho cuz it seems as time passes, Im slowly realizing just what I went tho ^_^;;
Like its SLOWLY sinking in bcuz wen I was actually there, it wasn't as mind blowing as I thot it wud be
I guess bcuz it felt so dream like LOL
To be honest, for pretty much the first half of the concert, I was feeling kinda skeptic.
Like "Am I really seeing Jin in person? It doesn't seem like it" drip
We were actually not that far! But since most of the time he was wearing sunglasses or a hat covering parts of his face, I felt like it was jus some guy pretending to be Jin hahaha even tho I knew it was him.
It wasn't rly until he went to the bar right before intermission O_O and I was only about 3 feet away from him, clearly seeing his face that I felt more satisfied.
Tho maybe I shuda pinched myself at that moment, cuz it still kinda felt like I was dreaming hahaha
The memory of it feels like it was all a dream
Going to the actual concert made it seem like it was jus another one of my dreams.

I really wish he released a CD with his songs beforehand so Id be more familiar with more of them haha
But the concert was good. It was fun.arrowup It was my first official real concert
I shouted every now and then but to be honest, after it was done, I cudnt bring myself to say it was AMAZING u know?
But it was still really good
But after hearing all his songs again, reading fan reports, and watching the few fancams ppl were able to make, Im like "MY GOSH THAT CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!!" lmao
DD: I wanna go baaaack!

Tho I liked his Japanese songs way better, some of his English songs where pretty good :D
I did find myself looking up the songs right after getting home from the concert to listen to them again.
 Just like everyone else, I loooved his new song Tipsy Love. Perfect song to end the con. lovely
The lighting was really good. I loved it.
Especially during Tipsy Love, since we were in the middle, I felt like I got the full impact of the show. It was bright! Like  lol

Sadly this was the only pic I cud rly get inside on my phone since they didn't allow cameras haha
D: I reaaaally wish I got a pic of him wen I was so close to him at the bar, but was too scared lol
He really does look EXACTLY like he does in videos heartyeyes Very good looking hehehe
wink Joey Beni, one of the dancers, was cute too haha rly awesome dancer. Crazy how he's only 16! *O*

At first I cudnt understand why some ppl actually bought tickets to two of his shows. "Wudnt it be just the exact same thing again?"
But now Im like "GAAAH! LUCKY PPL! i wanna go see his concert again" hahaha Im weird..
LOL I wasnt even that big of a fan of him before but I guess thats changed now drip

Clips from the Saturday show uploaded by someone else heart1It helps me relive the night hehehehe
Tho I wudnt be surprised if eventually youtube takes it down booo!

Fan reports to help relive the concert even more...Collapse )

I'm proud to be able to say I went to the first JE concert ever held in the US hehehehe

If I said, 'do you love me?'
Would you say, 'Ye-oh'?


~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
14 June 2010 @ 02:49 pm
Quick entry time! dash
sun This summer has started off AMAZINGhearts
Graduation was last Wednesday on the 9th
It wasn't much but it felt good to get my associates FINALLY haha
Sucks how it seemed to start so late DD: Started at 6
Especially because I was getting a migraine. Thankfully it didnt get bad
Im grateful that my friends still came despite how late/boring/hot/crowded it was LOLheheheheThanks you guys!

Then last Saturday, the 12th, was my graduation/belated birthday party cake
camera1 I still have to upload all the pictures we took
I didn't think that many ppl came at first because a lot of ppl who said they were gonna come didnt show up
But now that I think about it, a lot of ppl actually did come. Just all at different times lol thumbsup so it was never rly crowded which is good
Mom was right, people do give a lot of money for graduation parties.. LOL
:DI thank everyone who came and for all the gifts. present
Though of course I should thank my parents the most haha we cleaned the whole house preparing for the party for two whole days ._.;;
I think Im a horrible host but I had fun catface I hope everyone else did too

heart1 Gathering ppl for group pictures wen everyone is scattered is hard haha still missin ppl
"No your the one replacen me! So fuck you chinky ass mo facko @.@ lol"
Iono why but lately Mykel's imagination has been getting the best of him haha
He's been getting playfully jealous over imaginary boyfriends he keeps making me
Lol but I must admit, I have been enjoying it a lil hahaha catface hearts


Buwahahahawink yes I know Im a complete loser. Sorry for the crappy quick bathroom pic LOL
But yes my Hotohori cosplay is done!
^_^;; Its gonna be hot as well wearing it for AX and im still debating on whether to make his sword.. but im excited!
Still sucks that I have no one to cosplay with me even tho Im goin with friends... lol AX here we come!
UPDATED Summer 2010 Plans List...Collapse )
~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
04 June 2010 @ 07:10 pm
So I turned in my Business Law final at my professor's Law office not too long ago
Plus I dnt think ill be taking summer school this year. Gonna take a break before I finally transfer to Cal State Long Beachhearts
So its time to begin my nice summer vacation relaxing and having fun! sparkles

A lot of drama has actually been happening tho.. and it was really bringing me down and breaking me up inside...:(
It was EXTREMELY hard to focus for finals...
*sigh* But now that I'm on vacation, I feel a little at ease... arrowup
Trying to not think about it all
So lets see... how is my summer gonna go??
*~::Summer 2010 Plans::~*
lovely Jin Akanishi's concert in LA (gaaaah so excited to see my first Johnny live in person! I cant freaking wait!)
lovely Anime Expo (most likely my last year ima go all four days or at all. So gotta go off with a bang! Going to all the events haha well try. Also gonna be cosplaying as Hotohori from Fushigi Yugi even tho I lost the rest of my cosplay group members ._.;;)
lovely Mayberry Elementary Reunion (I reaaaaaaaaaally hope we can pull this off... ! DD: We got so many ppl interested but whether or not they'll actually show up still kinda seems uncertain.)
lovely Graduation (graduating with honors Baby~! wink)
lovely Graduation/Belated-Bday Party martini
lovely Finally do some Jpop covers catface and maybe some Filipino covers as well
lovely Tons of karaoke! (to go with practicing for covers haha plus i need to get bac in touch with sum old good karaoke classics hehehehe)
lovely Go through all my clothes, organize them, and put aside the old clothes that need to be gone haha
lovely Exercise! (thinkin of dancing a lot more, going to the park to maybe play some tennis, go biking, etc... I just need to get out and active BADLY)
lovely Catch up on all my Jdrama (since i seriously had to cut back this past semester)
lovely Clean my room + desk (something Ive been saying Id do for ages already ^_^;; hopefully this time I actually do it!)
And that's all that I could think of for now haha. Those are just the basic things I know I will/want to do.
Of course simple things like get more sleep and hang out with friends is a given kidding

In other news... GUESS WHO'S BACK TOGETHER?!!!!
FLAME?! No.. I wish... haha but still just as good!
DEF TECH!!!! heartheartheart
Its so crazy cuz I was JUST listening to one of their old songs yesterday.
Man talk about nostalgic Brings back 9th-10th grade memories.. Especially the summer before 10th grade :D
Man I miss the old gang.. I miss hanging out with everyone like we used to...
URGH ok dnt wanna get bummed out again haha ill end here

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
10 May 2010 @ 04:11 pm
Im finally done with my teenage years! hearts
Saturday was my 20th birthday and it was amazingly fun! hehehehe One of my most memorable birthday hangouts ever since I moved here to Carson
Hung out with Chrisantel, Dominic, Michael, Leonard, Donnalise, Ramon, Jelly, Mark, Sam, Carrington, and Glenn
DD: SUUUCH a shame I didn't get a good group picture with EVERYONE in it haha but Im glad they came.

lovely  The surprise gifts present seriously werent necessary but I was still really appreciated them! :DD
lovely I love the freaking giant flower flower Michael and Leonard gave me even tho it seriously made me keep watching to shout out something from CardCaptor Sakura lmao
lovely Chilling at Barnes and Noble felt relaxing even though we were only there cuz we were still waiting on ppl lol
lovely Watched Kick Ass which was SUCH and awesome movie sparkles lol
lovely Mykel actually remembered to text me and greet me happy birthday even though it was during the movie lol hehehehe I didnt mind at all tho bcuz I was just happy my best friend actually remembered this year. I was jus smiling like a huge idiot in the movie theater thumbsup
lovely Took Purikura (had to say bye to Jel and Mark by then) and tried fitting 10 ppl in a very small booth wink A success of course! punch2
lovely Ate out at Pat & Oscar's where at the end they got the whole restaurant to sing happy birthday to me
I swear I felt my face turn bright red in seconds and I fought back tears from feeling so overwhelmed hehe
lovely Was serenaded for the first time by Donnalise
lovely Ended the night at Dominic's house watching Spirited Away. catface Watching that movie at night is so nostalgic. I loved it
Of course the celebration will only continue again on our party in June along with the celebration of my graduation LOL kidding yey!

Turning 20 instantly makes me remember MatsuJun's birthday song ^_^;; Its been playing over in my head for a while already
But you know.. I really don't feel like Im 20 haha

And I cant believe I barely realized this year, but Yokoyama Yuu's birthday is the day after mine!
So happy belated birthday Yoko! :DOh awesome Black Eito Ranger, otanjoubi omedetou! controller Go Wonderboy haha!

arrowup Yoko is pumped and ready to kick some butt before turning 30 haha! punch2

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
01 May 2010 @ 09:11 pm
Happy May! Happy first day of May! cherryblossom
And we know that also means..

お誕生日おめでとう 小山慶一郎 present

I actually do wish I could make a new banner for him DD: Instead of being lame and using the same one from last year..
But I just dont have the time..
Actually even if I cud, I wudnt be able to since the computer is still at Jeff's house being fixed.
._.;; I only have Photoshop on my computer..
But yes!
Happy birthday to the eldest member of NewS! hearts
2nd Johnnys to ever become a newscaster! yey!
I hope he gets another drama soon tho.. (haha I want that for all the members of NewS actually)
But I think Koyama is member Ive seen less in dramas.. I want to see more!
So ill be rooting for u Keii-chan so that u get a good role in another drama series! hehehehe

Since I cant make new banners, ill add something new for NewS's birthdays
heartyeyes Solo gifs! lovely Course non are made by me and credit goes to other awesome ppl

We know Koyama... we know hearts HAHAHAHA
Keii-chan is making it clear what belongs to him on his birthday wink

This officially my last week as a teenager!

~Beloved Star
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Melissa Anne
16 April 2010 @ 05:52 pm
cherryblossom stolen from icebitten  peacenosign

01. a picture of you in your room

Watched too much Buzzer Beat kidding

+34 more! - REST OF PICTURES MEMECollapse )

Most Practically all my pictures are in my external harddrive so it was hard.. but it was fun looking back at pics :D
Ended up avoiding my hw again tho.. hahaha

~Beloved Star
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